Zazzol Announced Limited-Time Discount

Zazzol, Inc. Announces Limited-Time Discount For The Zazzol Wine Aerator

June 21, 2013 - Ontario, CA -- Zazzol, Inc. today announced it will celebrate the launch of the innovative Zazzol Wine Aerator with a promotional discount event. Available exclusively on Amazon, the Zazzol Wine Aerator instantly aerates wine as you pour to enhance the flavor and aromas while reducing bitterness and dry texture.

The promotional discount will only last for 5 days starting Thursday June 20, 2013. Customers with the promotion coupon code will receive a 50% discount off every purchase of the Zazzol wine aerator while supplies last. The Zazzol Wine Aerator comes with a one year, no hassle money back guarantee. This promotional event may end early if the product sells out.

The Zazzol Wine Aerator incorporates a revolutionary multi-stage design allowing wine to instantly breathe (the process of aeration) as you pour to deliver a more pleasant and satisfying wine drinking experience. In addition, the Zazzol Wine Aerator has been engineered to remove the potential for leaking and dripping that can occur with other wine aerator designs presently available in the market. There are no holes on the side which might leak or be accidentally covered with the hand. There is also no possibility of fitting problems since the Zazzol isn't fitted onto the wine bottle.

With a stylish stand and a carrying bag, the Zazzol Wine Aerator can easily be used at home or taken along to events to enjoy with family and friends. By balancing and enhancing the wine flavor, the Zazzol Wine Aerator makes the ideal gift for both casual wine drinkers and wine lovers.

During this promotional event, all Zazzol Wine Aerators in a customer's order will be discounted 50%. Customers must enter the promotional code on Amazon to receive the Zazzol Wine Aerator discount. This sales event is limited to 5 days while supplies last. The promotional discount is available on a first come basis; the coupon will no longer be applicable once the item sells out.

The sales event will begin Thursday June 20, 2013, and the customer must enter the promotion code "SAVEPR50" during the Amazon store checkout process.


About Zazzol, Inc.

Zazzol, Inc. specialized in developing high quality and innovative wine aerators. With many years of researches and developments, Zazzol, Inc. is launching its first globally patented multistage wine aerator. The ultimate goal of Zazzol wine aerator is to enhance the natural flavors and aromas of wines.


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