About Us

Welcome! Zazzol specializes in beverage and cooking accessories. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, creative products that not only provide useful utility, but reinforce enjoyment and satisfaction in beverage and food.

Zazzol was founded in 2013 by Jen and Jill. Jen and Jill are wine and spirit enthusiasts that happen to have a passion for food and cooking as well. After years of searching for the perfect kitchen and entertaining gadgets, they took it upon themselves to create high quality beverage and kitchen products that provide everything people need to fully enjoy wine and food.

Finally, after many years of research and dealing with poorly designed wine aerators, Zazzol is launching the best wine aerator on the market. This globally patented multistage wine aerator enhances the natural aromas of wines by mixing oxygen into the wine to break down the tannins, bringing about a more enhanced flavor. Zazzol wine aerators are manufactured using a durable FDA certified material that ensures no leakage or possible overflow.