Elegant Wine Accessories That Elevate Your Wine Drinking Experience

Premium Wine Aerator

Transform any wine to a great wine INSTANTLY. Patented multi-stage design aerates wine in seconds. Hassle free design for elegant drinking experience.

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Premium Wine Opener

Built to last - 100% metal. Ergonomic handle and teflon coated screw designed to open any wine effortlessly. Beauty beyond words. Guarantee to wow your eyes!

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I've had one of those electric wine openers for a few years now, and while it still works, it never worked on the new, plastic cork tops. Plus it's so noisy and many times a cork will get stuck inside.

When I received the Zazzol wine opener, I had my 22 year old niece try it first and she said was very easy to use. She didn't even read the instructions but went by the pictures and was able to open a bottle of red wine less than a minute later. I tried it with a bottle of white wine with a regular cork, and it was very easy. The cork came right out, intact. I hesitated slightly when twisting the handle, as I wasn't sure if it was penetrating the cork, so I pushed down at first, but as soon as I felt the resistance, I eased up and it twisted right through.

A most elegant piece with beautiful workmanship ~ it feels like a very well-made product. It comes in a lovely, felt-lined box with instructions and a thank you note from the company - a timeless, classic gift to give or to own!

J. Davis

If you want a wine opener which is so elegant it is down-right sexy, while also being startlingly functional, this is the only wine-opener you will ever purchase the rest of your life. I am shocked to say this is one of my favorite purchases I have ever made on Amazon. Here's why:

Initial thoughts: I buy on Amazon all the time, but this is different. I have almost never purchased a product which looked so elegant that, upon opening the box, I didn't even want to take it out of its packaging because I didn't want to disturb it. Nothing prepared me for this product. I don't know why it isn't going for $150, because I can imagine it selling for that amount easily. The packaging alone must have cost an exorbitant amount.

This gift would say "I love you" to any woman on the face of the earth who knew what a wine bottle was. I am not joking when I say this is my favorite Amazon purchase I've ever made. I have it sitting next to me (yes, I put it BACK in its packaging because it is so beautiful), and it looks and feels like a millionaire's item.

Utility: Regardless of my desire to keep this little beauty in its restful state of elegance, I had to test it to see if it its beauty matched its utility. It is not only INCREDIBLY well-made, but it is so much easier to use than other wine-openers it is unreal. Seriously, how is this thing so cheap on Amazon?!

I will buy this for gifts, friends, and family. It is THAT beautiful. If you want a wine opener, this is for you. Period.