Final Day of Zazzol Wine Aerator Sale

Final Day Of Zazzol Wine Aerator 50% Off Sales Event

Wine lovers enjoy better tasting wine using the Zazzol Wine Aerator

Ontario, CA -- Zazzol, Inc. today announced that the launch of the Zazzol wine aerator has been a great success, and thanked customers for the tremendous response and positive product feedback. The company also stated that while supplies are very low, the 50% discount will continue until the remaining units sell out or until Monday June 24, 2013 when the promotion is scheduled to end.

Customers have commented that the Zazzol wine aerator improved the flavor and texture of their wine, and frequently stated that the wine aerator was especially useful for removing or reducing bitter, dry flavor. The Zazzol Wine Aerator uses a creative multi-stage design that accelerates the breathing process delivering a more balanced, satisfying glass of wine.

With a large pouring cavity, the Zazzol Wine Aerator won't experience overflow problems. In addition, an innovative design makes it easier to enjoy wine without the possibility of leaks and drips that can occur with other wine aerator designs. Wine is poured directly into the Zazzol Wine Aerator eliminating fitting problems that can occur with aerators that fit onto the wine bottle. There are no holes on the side which might leak or accidentally covered while pouring.

The Zazzol Wine Aerator makes a suitable gift for family and friends who are wine enthusiasts or occasionally enjoy a glass of wine.

The 50% discount applies to each Zazzol Wine Aerator in an order. Customers must purchase through Amazon store using the promotion code SAVEPR50 during the checkout to receive the 50% discount.

This sales event ends Monday June 24, 2013 or while supplies last. The promotional discount is available on a first come basis; discount coupons will be null and void once the sales event ends. 


About Zazzol, Inc.

Zazzol, Inc. specialized in developing high quality and innovative wine aerators. With many years of researches and developments, Zazzol, Inc. is launching its first globally patented multistage wine aerator. The ultimate goal of Zazzol wine aerator is to enhance the natural flavors and aromas of wines.


Jill Taylor