Zazzol Wine Aerator Launch

Zazzol, Inc. Launches An Innovative Multistage Design Wine Aerator

Ontario, CA -- Jen Weber, CEO and founder of cooking & beverage accessories company, Zazzol, Inc., is excited to announce the success of this original new design for the wine aerator. The design maximizes wine aeration to enhance the natural flavors and aromas, while avoiding leaks and drips that can occur in other wine aerator brands currently available in the market.

The multi-stage design provides three different methods of aerating the wine immediately. Wine aeration or more commonly known as letting wine "breathe" helps reduce or eliminate astringent, bitter taste in newly-opened and young wines. The process makes aromas and flavors more prominent as well. The design works as a both a red wine aerator and a white wine aerator. The Zazzol Wine Aerator was engineered to improve on the existing wine aerator designs. The new design provides a more pleasing and enjoyable wine drinking experience for casual wine drinkers and wine enthusiasts.

"Along with creating a better aeration design for wine aerators, it was also important to make the wine aerator easier to use than other aerators currently on the market. This meant addressing some of the problems that can occur with other wine aerators," said Jill Taylor, Vice President of Marketing. The Zazzol aerator for wine has a large cavity allowing faster pouring and less chance of overflow. In addition, there are no air intake holes on the side of the aerator which may leak or possibly be covered by the hand when holding the wine aerator. Fitting problems are also nonexistent as the Zazzol wine aerator does not require fitting on the bottle like some aerator designs.

The Zazzol wine aerator is manufactured using FDA certified food safe material that is durable and dishwasher safe. The Zazzol Wine Aerator comes with a one year guarantee offering a full refund.

About Zazzol, Inc.

Zazzol, Inc. specialized in developing high quality and innovative wine aerators. With many years of research & development, Zazzol, Inc. is launching its first globally patented multistage wine aerator. The ultimate goal of Zazzol wine aerator is to enhance the natural flavors and aromas of wines.

Zazzol, Inc.
Jill Taylor