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Enhanced Flavor. Fuller Bouquet. Balanced Finish... EVERY TIME!

Zazzol’s breakthrough wine aerator became the best seller and a top rated product on Amazon shortly after it’s introduction. See why it receives hundreds of 5-star reviews….

  • 3X more effective and efficient.
  • Absolutely no mass. Period!
  • Best gift for any occasion.
  • Lifetime satisfaction gurantee.
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.
  • Take it anywhere.

Improves Any Wine 3x More Efficiently:

Absolutely No Mess!

  • Hassle free design keeps your hands and table drip free.
  • No more accidental stains or spills to clean.
  • A popular brand has air holes on the sides. Wine leaks through the holes as you pour. It leaves you messy hands and tables.
  • Most traditional sprout type aerators have neck fitting problems. The sprout aerator may come off and pour wine all over you table.
  • Deep chamber and wider opening design avoids overflow problems.
  • “No Drip” stand keeps your table…. drip free!

No more disappointing wines.
No more waiting for wine to breath.

The Perfect Gift for
Wine Lovers...

  • Zazzol Wine Aerator features a sleek and elegant design.
  • Zazzol Wine Aerators come with an elegant gift box - the perfect gift for friends, love ones and co-workers.

Take Zazzol Anywhere

The velvet travel pouch lets you take the wine aerator anywhere and enjoy your favorite wines at restaurants, gatherings or picnics.

Easy To Clean

Simply place the wine aerator in a dishwasher.